Why be a web designer?

Last week my Nephew (Ethan) said he would like to be a web designer. “It seems like a good choice of career” I thought… Then I thought about the recent documentary highlighting which jobs will be taken by robots in the near future, web design being high on the list.

Web design has given me many things, a good income, a great business, great clients and an amazingly flexible life style, I can work from anywhere in the world. But, the one thing it is sure to bring in the end is automation. It’s a sad fact that my job, along with many others in the design world will be done by robots in the future and it will be owning the technology which will make any web design company a success or a failure. This is not to say that people will be redundant or that having good people will not be part of the design jigsaw. We will still need people, they just won’t build or design the websites, the humans will just be there to make the experience a bit more … well, human.

Alex Russell