Google local listings

Google local listings.

If you have a website in Norfolk or Suffolk and you are struggling to get found under your category and location, then Google local (or My Business) is a great way to resolve this issue. You may have noticed this part of Google (the map with red dots, normally right

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Why be a web designer?

Last week my Nephew (Ethan) said he would like to be a web designer. “It seems like a good choice of career” I thought… Then I thought about the recent documentary highlighting which jobs will be taken by robots in the near future, web design being high on the list. Web design has given me

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Take regular breaks

It’s an odd fact that smokers are more productive (on average) than non-smokers. *Research by Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy, found that when people take regular breaks, they are measurably more productive. Smokers, by their very nature, have to take breaks now, as most countries make them s

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Business can be lonely

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own business? Well, let me give you an insight: In the early stages, you will have to work long hours, you will most likely have to pay yourself a small salary and, if you have employees, you will be the last in the queue. You will have proble

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Getting the most from your website

Unlike most website design companies, we want you to get as involved with your website as your time allows. This is because the more you know about your site, the more your business will benefit. Standing on the side-lines shouting “do this”, “do that” like a deranged parent at your kid’s

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Diss & Harleston

How do you rejuvenate a Norfolk town?

According to the stats Norfolk is the fastest growing area for business in the UK. Yet some of the towns in Norfolk are still struggling to attract visitors and local alike. Well, maybe the other Norfolk market towns shou

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