The road to website success

The road to website success.

Before you speak to a web developer you should plan your copy and decide on a few key points. An experienced developer will discuss colours, designs, fonts and logos at a design meeting and help you include the essential areas of the website. But, if you have previously done your research, this process is a lot quicker for both you, and the designer. Before we meet any client, we check out their competition and other websites which may stand out in their mind as memorable. This can help us measure the client’s desires for his or her website and helps us formulate ideas for the project. We always supply the client a genuine view on the ideas they may have, but we are aware this is your website therefore we will give you what you ask for, and we don’t forcefully pursue anything you are not keen on. We will design your site with maximum SEO capabilities, allowing Search Engine spiders to crawl your site. Keep in mind preparation is key, titles on pages, digital images, prices, product and page text must be ready when the design is completed, so get prepared and good luck.

Alex Russell
Websites Builders Norwich