Google local listings

Google local listings.

If you have a website in Norfolk or Suffolk and you are struggling to get found under your category and location, then Google local (or My Business) is a great way to resolve this issue. You may have noticed this part of Google (the map with red dots, normally right at the top) and wondered how it works. It really isn’t rocket science, if you see your business listed and it says, “Claim listing” under it, you just need to “click” and claim the listing as your business. Google will ask you for some identification and may send a postcard to you in the post, so they can verify who you are, apart from that it’s easy. If you can’t see your business when you search, you will need to add a new listing and create an account. Again, this is not difficult to do and again Google will want you to verify who you are. If you need any more info click the link for Googles tutorial or if you want it setup professionally give one of my team a call and we can tell you how we can help.

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